Online Wine tasting – EN (12. 2. 2022)

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We have prepared our first online tasting in english and this time with food pairing! The aim of the tasting is to show how human taste works and give a little insight into how wine pairing works and how human taste works. Don’t worry though, wine tasting is not just for professionals, we think everyone can enjoy it!

You can look forward especially to our new vintages:

  1. Welschriesling 2020
  2. Grüner Veltliner 2021
  3. Riesling 2020
  4. Blaufränkisch 2019
  5. Pinot Noir 2020
  6. Cabernet Sauvignon 2018

Which package is ideal for you?

6 x 0,187 – Package ideal for 2 persons
6 x 0,250 – Package ideal for 3-4 persons
6 x 0,75 – Package ideal for 5-7 persons

What is in the package?

The package includes 6 different delicacies that are selected to show you how human taste is unique and unmistakable. In the food package you will find:

  1. Aged Old Gouda
  2. Blue cheese
  3. White cheese
  4. Greek olives
  5. Schwarzwald ham
  6. High quality dark chocolate

If you choose to provide your own snacks, please just keep in mind that each cheese may taste a little different and the experience may not be the same.

The tasting will be guided by Vojta Válka, the youngest representative of the family winery and enologist and as a guest Natálie Bordácsová, one of the best sommeliers in the Czech Republic working in the bar

The tasting will take place on Facebook via live stream. More info on our page

Wines will be sent out 2 days before the event.

Další informace

Hmotnost 3 kg
Food pairing

Package with the delicacies, Package without the delicacies


6×0,187 l, 6×0,25 l, 6×0,75l