Terms and conditions

General Provisions

These terms and conditions apply to all sales made to you through this website vinarstvivalka.cz and determine the rights and obligations of the seller (Ing. Karel Válka, Kroužek 428, Nosislav, 691 64, IČ: 40371557, DIČ: 5906200377) and the customer. By placing an order the customer accepts and agrees to be bound by these terms and the returns policy.
All contractual relations are governed by the law of the Czech Republic and abide by these terms. Relations not specified by these terms are governed by the Civil Code (89/2012 Coll.) or the Consumer Protection Act (643/1992 Coll.).

My Account

After registration on the website, the customer is allowed to access uživatelského rozhraní and place orders (hereafter referred to as “my account”). The customer can also place orders without registration through the web interface of the e-shop. The customer should note that he is obliged to provide veracious personal data.

Object of Purchase

The object of the purchase agreement is the item ordered by the customer. The seller is obliged to deliver the goods to the customer and enable the customer to acquire the property right. The customer is obliged to take the delivery and pay the agreed upon price.

Ordering and Concluding Purchase Agreement

The e-shop allows you to order easily and comfortably. You can also order via telephone, e-mail or letter (write at our address). Any order placed via the website vinarstvivalka.cz is a draft purchase agreement and is legally binding on both sides. The customer is obliged to provide correct registration details, especially the postal address to which the goods should be sent. The seller is obliged to process the order as fast as possible.

Prices and Terms of Delivery

The seller charges prices which are stated on the website at the moment of purchase. The prices are shown in CZK (VAT included). The customer can use the following payment methods to pay for goods and potential delivery costs:
o Advance payment (to our account) – If you choose to transfer money to our bank account, we will send you the necessary data via e-mail. Please use your order number as the variable symbol. After we have received your payment, we will dispatch the items. If we do not receive your payment within 5 working days, we will cancel your order. Unless otherwise stated, “purchase price” means the amount including delivery costs.


We offer delivery within the Czech Republic as well as the European Union. We dispatch goods within 5 working days (or 2 weeks at the latest, depending on the availability of the product and operational capacity of the seller) after receiving your payment or after you confirm your order (if you have chosen C.O.D.). When the product is delivered, the customer is obliged to check that the packaging is intact. In case of any problems the customer should not take the delivery or should complain to the delivery company. If you have chosen Personal offtake, you can collect the goods after you receive an e-mail confirming that your order is ready.

Right of Withdrawal

In accordance with Article 367/2000, the customer has the right to withdraw from the agreement within 2 weeks after receiving the goods. This right can only be exercised if the customer is a natural person (does not use a company registration number for the purchase). If you decide to withdraw from the agreement within this period, you should abide by the terms below. Contact us (in writing) and state that you want to withdraw from the purchase agreement. Write the date of the purchase and the type of goods. If you have already received the goods, send it back to our address (see section Contact). The goods must not be damaged, no items should be missing and the delivery must include the copy of the receipt. Please, send the goods via recorded delivery and insured. Otherwise, we are not responsible for any possible loss. We will not accept C.O.D. If you meet these conditions, we will return the money to your account no later than within 2 weeks after we have received the goods. If any items are missing or any of the conditions above are not met, the period will be prolonged until we receive complete and undamaged goods. If the conditions stated above are not met, we will not accept the withdrawal from the purchase agreement and the goods will be returned to the sender at sender’s expense. The seller has the right to withdraw from the purchase agreement if the order cannot be processed (the goods are not in stock) and the parties do not agree otherwise. If the customer does not take the delivery within 2 weeks, the delivery company has the right to charge the customer postage and packaging and demand the settlement of the invoice.

Return Policy

Any cases not described here are governed by the Civil Code and the Consumer Protection Act as currently applicable. If the customer wants to complain about goods, he must deliver these goods and enclose the invoice issued by the seller.

Data Protection Policy

By placing an order the customer allows the seller to process the personal data the customer has entered in conformity with the Personal Data Protection Act (101/2000 Coll. as currently applicable). The seller can use the customer’s personal data for the purpose of selling goods in the course of commercial activities of the seller for an indefinite period. The seller undertakes to follow this law and to use all personal data only for his internal needs. The seller also undertakes to protect the data from misuse and not to disclose the data to third parties. By registering, the customer agrees that he can be informed about news from the online shop via e-mail vinarstvivalka.cz. If you do not wish to receive this information, you can unsubscribe following the directions provided in each of the e-mails.

Final Provisions

These terms and conditions are valid in the scope presented on the seller’s website at the moment of placing the order. The parties agree that, unless stated otherwise, their rights and obligations are governed by the corresponding provisions of the Civil Code. Depending on the changes in corresponding rules of law or the trade policy of the company, the seller reserves the right to change the terms and conditions. These changes and their coming into effect will be published on the website in an appropriate way. These terms and conditions are valid until they are replaced by new terms and conditions.