Wine tasting

Quick tasting

If you want to taste our wines, but you don’t have enough time for whole tasting, this package is perfect for you. You will taste 8 different wines with basic neutralizing bite like cheese and bread.
Price per person: 21€(minimal payment 210€)
Duration: 1-2 hours

Proper tasting

Wine tasting with the cold dinner where you can sit for a longer time. You will experience the true atmosphere of small family winery from South Moravia. You will taste 10 different wines with basic neutralizing bite like cheese and bread.
Price per person: 34€(minimal payment 340€)
Duration: 3-5 hours.

Ultimate tasting

Definitely the best choice for someone who would love to spent whole evening at our winery and experience proper wine tasting with everything what comes with it. After the tasting you will get warm dinner and then cold one so you can enjoy the tasting properly.
Price per person: 54€ (minimal payment 540€)
Duration: 5-7 hodin.

Additional information

Please order the tasting at least 7 days in advance

We take the number of reported persons as binding, if you want to make changes, please do so at least 48 hours before the tasting

The cellar has a maximum capacity of 25-30 people, in the summer we are able to do tastings in the open air for up to 60 people

We have the wine yard open from the beginning of summer until the end of autumn, when you can stop by at any time to have a wine after a day and order refreshments from our permanent menu

If you are interested in a private tasting, ie one of these 3 packages, we have set a minimum price for 10 people, even if only 2 guests arrive

In September and October, we charge 100% in addition to the tasting price thanks to high workload that occurs in our country during the vintage period


Unfortunately we do not have accommodation, but there are a number of beautiful guesthouses in the area that can be used. Transportation is also not a problem, there are a number of reliable taxi drivers in the area, who will be happy to take you to your accommodation after very tasting prices. Below is a list of accommodation that we recommend in the area.

Hlaváčkova vila, Nosislav 
Penzion Pavir, Židlochovice
Vinařský dvorek, Velké Němčice
Penzion u Hájků, Křepice
Hotel, Žabčice
Motel, Vojkovice
Xaver, Blučina
Penzion Veritas, Vranovice
Penzion a vinařství Schwarzava, Uherčice
Ubytování v RD u Drábů, Holasice

Special requests

If you have any special wishes, or would like a custom tasting, please contact us at 739 379 678 or email .